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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Market Surgeon's mentorship different than the other trading courses?
    We believe in live price action that is where emotions are tested, Market Surgeon's mentorship program helps you navigate through the live price action in the market as it happens. A trader can design a perfect trade plan but fails in execution due to lack of skills in reading the market moves as they happen during the regular trading session. Market Surgeon's multiple time frame analysis provides an edge to understand the reason and length of each up/down leg. This edge also helps to identify the difference between a pull back and reversal.
  • Do you use any complex options strategies for example butterflies, iron condors, spreads etc. ?
    No we do not use any complex options strategies. We simply buy and sell.
  • Questions about One to One Session ?
    Q: Does my MS Edge Mentorship package include a one-on-one session? Yes, your MS Edge Mentorship package includes an optional two-hour one-on-one session with Market Surgeon. This is designed to give you personalized guidance as you learn about the stock market. Q: When can I schedule my one-on-one session? You can schedule your one-on-one session anytime after you sign up for MS Edge Mentorship. Some prefer to do it right away, while others choose to first explore our educational videos on the website and engage in discussions in our Discord room. If you need more in-depth guidance or have specific questions after diving into the course materials, that's a great time to schedule your session. Q: What if I don't need the one-on-one session? If you're an experienced trader and prefer to focus on learning via our videos and Discord community without the one-on-one session, you can use coupon code "OptOut1to1" to receive a discount code for your course. Q: What if I decide later that I want a one-on-one session? If you choose not to use the one-on-one session initially but later feel the need for personalized guidance, you can schedule a session at any time. Please note that if you opt for a session later on, there will be an additional charge. Q: What is covered in the two-hour one-on-one session? The content of the two-hour session depends on whether you schedule it at the beginning of your mentorship or a few weeks or months after signing up. 1:1 Session if Scheduled at the Beginning: If you schedule the session early on, Market Surgeon will conduct a live two-hour session to explain the Edge in detail. This will include a comprehensive discussion of multiple timeframe analysis and its use in determining trade entries, stops, and targets. You will learn key concepts such as supply and demand zones, including how to confirm when the price has successfully tested a demand zone and is heading toward a supply zone, or vice versa. Additionally, Market Surgeon will share proprietary setups and personal observations on key times during the day when market dynamics shift. This information can be crucial for developing successful trading strategies. 1:1 Session if Scheduled Later (Weeks or Months After Signing Up): If you schedule the session later, it starts with a quick refresher on the core Edge concepts to ensure you have a solid foundation. This is followed by addressing your specific questions and exploring advanced aspects of the Edge. This personalized approach allows you to dive deeper into areas where you need more clarity or guidance. Regardless of when you schedule your session, the goal is to provide you with practical knowledge and insights to enhance your trading skills and confidence. If you have further questions about the content of the session or need additional information, feel free to reach out to us.
  • How long will it take me to learn MS Edge ?
    This depends on individual, if you put in the time, effort and some hard work, you can learn it in under 6 weeks and can master it under 3 months. Remember the faster way to learn MS edge is by asking questions in Edge chat. More you ask faster you learn.
  • Are there any tools like algos or paid indicators you use in the Edge?
    No, we do not use any Algos or paid indicators. Everything that is needed to master MS Edge is freely available on almost every trading platform.​
  • Do you provide trade alerts in your discord ?
    As shown in discord screenshots on our X posts (Tweets) MS shares his setups during the day via MS Edge chat as well as MS Commentary and alerts channel on Discord. MS also announces the detailed reasoning behind each trade and targets. As compared to traditional alert services, we believe that our live market commentary and edge chat is more effective and helps our members in making well informed decisions. Importance of staying informed: Staying informed about market movements and trends is crucial for making informed investment decisions. Live market commentary provides a more comprehensive and up-to-date view of the market than alert services, which may be delayed or incomplete. Benefits of real-time analysis: Live market commentary provides real-time analysis and insights into market movements, which can help investors make more informed decisions. Alert services, on the other hand, may only provide notifications when certain criteria are met, without providing any additional analysis or context. Risks of relying solely on alerts: Alert services can be helpful, but they should not be relied on as the sole source of information for making investment decisions. By relying solely on alerts, investors may miss important contextual information or fail to consider broader market trends that could impact their investments. Our expertise: As a provider of live market commentary, we have a deep understanding of the market and can offer valuable insights and analysis to our clients. Our edge is unique and advantageous in volatile markets. There are numerous economic events every month, reading the price action before and after the event is challenging but our members can make informed decisions because they understand the power of edge and how do different time frames have different impact on price movements. An event can provide volatile moves on intraday time frames but may or may not break the price structure on bigger picture. Our unique multiple time frame analysis helps members to benefit both up and down moves on intraday basis and still manage their swing trades or long term positions using higher time frames analysis. Please note, if you are signing up for any of the mentorship programs then you are paying to receive the education, learn our edge and not the alerts service.
  • What type of trades fit on your Edge ?
    MS Edge supports scalps, day trades and Swing trades. The beautiful part of this edge is that it works on all time frames, from 1min chart to a monthly chart. And this information will be covered during mentoring session with chart examples.
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