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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Market Surgeon's mentorship different than the other trading courses?
    We believe in live price action that is where emotions are tested, Market Surgeon's mentorship program helps you navigate through the live price action in the market as it happens. A trader can design a perfect trade plan but fails in execution due to lack of skills in reading the market moves as they happen during the regular trading session. Market Surgeon's multiple time frame analysis provides an edge to understand the reason and length of each up/down leg. This edge also helps to identify the difference between a pull back and reversal.
  • Do you use any complex options strategies for example butterflies, iron condors, spreads etc. ?
    No we do not use any complex options strategies. We simply buy and sell.
  • Do you provide One to One mentorship ?
    Yes we offer personalized One-to-One Mentorship for Trading Stocks, Options and Futures. Please complete and submit Trader Questionnaire to receive a customized quote. Our exclusive mentorship program is designed to help traders of all skill levels achieve their financial goals. We understand that every trader is unique, with different experience levels and educational needs. That's why we offer customized pricing, ensuring that you receive tailored guidance and support to match your specific requirements. Our mentorship program is focused on providing you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to navigate the complex world of trading successfully. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the fundamentals or an experienced trader seeking advanced techniques, we have you covered. Why Choose our Mentorship Program: 1. Customized Pricing: We believe in fair pricing that aligns with your individual requirements and goals. No two traders are the same, and neither should be their pricing. 2. Personalized Approach: Our one-to-one mentorship ensures that you receive personalized attention, guidance, and feedback. We'll work closely with you to understand your trading objectives and tailor the curriculum accordingly. 3. Flexible Learning: We understand that life can be busy. That's why we offer flexible scheduling options, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience. We'll work around your schedule to ensure maximum engagement and progress. Ready to Take Your Trading to the Next Level? Take the first step toward becoming a successful trader by enrolling in our personalized mentorship program. Contact us today to discuss your individual needs and receive a customized pricing quote. Let's embark on this trading journey together and unlock your full potential in the financial markets." The MS One to One Mentorship Program consists of three stages. Stage1: One to one session: Market Surgeon will do a live 1:1 session (2 Hours) to explain the Edge in depth and teach the skills of using multiple timeframe analysis to mark the Entry, Stop and Targets for a trade. This session also covers the key concepts of supply and demand and how can a trader get confirmation that the price has now successfully tested a demand zone and is now heading towards supply zone and vice versa. Market Surgeon will also share personal observations (proprietary setups) and key times during the day when market takes the shift. This information alone is a game changer. ​ Stage2: Edge-u-cational Material: You will get access to educational material and on demand videos that cover all the rules to follow to trade MS Edge, the step by step key points that we must see before we put on a trade, the chart setups we use on daily basis, all the details about the Edge , examples from most recent charts and details about MS proprietary setups. ​ Stage3: Training via live market commentary in MS Edge Chat on Discord: You will get lifetime access to Market Surgeon's members only discord where you will learn all market moves via live commentary by MS. You will have access to a dedicated channel where you can continue to ask questions related to MS Edge. We believe in learning via live market action because that is when the emotions are at peak and our edge helps identifying difference between a pullback/reversal, bull/bear traps, high/low quality setups. If you trade options, you will learn to Enter CALLS exactly where 90% of retail traders would be entering PUTS and vice versa. Click here to submit Trader Questionnaire
  • How long will it take me to learn MS Edge ?
    This depends on individual, if you put in the time, effort and some hard work, you can learn it in under 6 weeks and can master it under 3 months. Remember the faster way to learn MS edge is by asking questions in Edge chat. More you ask faster you learn.
  • Are there any tools like algos or paid indicators you use in the Edge?
    No, we do not use any Algos or paid indicators. Everything that is needed to master MS Edge is freely available on almost every trading platform.​
  • Do you provide trade alerts in your discord ?
    As shown in discord screenshots on our X posts (Tweets) MS shares his setups during the day via MS Edge chat as well as MS Commentary and alerts channel on Discord. MS also announces the detailed reasoning behind each trade and targets. As compared to traditional alert services, we believe that our live market commentary and edge chat is more effective and helps our members in making well informed decisions. Importance of staying informed: Staying informed about market movements and trends is crucial for making informed investment decisions. Live market commentary provides a more comprehensive and up-to-date view of the market than alert services, which may be delayed or incomplete. Benefits of real-time analysis: Live market commentary provides real-time analysis and insights into market movements, which can help investors make more informed decisions. Alert services, on the other hand, may only provide notifications when certain criteria are met, without providing any additional analysis or context. Risks of relying solely on alerts: Alert services can be helpful, but they should not be relied on as the sole source of information for making investment decisions. By relying solely on alerts, investors may miss important contextual information or fail to consider broader market trends that could impact their investments. Our expertise: As a provider of live market commentary, we have a deep understanding of the market and can offer valuable insights and analysis to our clients. Our edge is unique and advantageous in volatile markets. There are numerous economic events every month, reading the price action before and after the event is challenging but our members can make informed decisions because they understand the power of edge and how do different time frames have different impact on price movements. An event can provide volatile moves on intraday time frames but may or may not break the price structure on bigger picture. Our unique multiple time frame analysis helps members to benefit both up and down moves on intraday basis and still manage their swing trades or long term positions using higher time frames analysis. Please note, if you are signing up for any of the mentorship programs then you are paying to receive the education, learn our edge and not the alerts service.
  • What type of trades fit on your Edge ?
    MS Edge supports scalps, day trades and Swing trades. The beautiful part of this edge is that it works on all time frames, from 1min chart to a monthly chart. And this information will be covered during mentoring session with chart examples.
  • What are the differences between the pricing plans you offer?
    Our Philosophy At Market Surgeon, we believe in transparency, flexibility and providing equal opportunities for all our members to succeed in their trading journey. Regardless of the pricing plan you choose, you’ll receive full access to all course material and will receive the same high-quality education and support. Monthly Plan ($149 per month): Description: Our Monthly Plan is designed for those who want to explore our edge without a long-term commitment. For just $149, you’ll have full access to our educational content, including videos on our website and commentary/chat in our Discord community. Benefits: Access to all course materials. Opportunity to learn our trading strategies and techniques. Engage with other traders in our active Discord community. Directly ask questions from Market Surgeon. Flexibility: If you enjoy our services, you can continue on the monthly plan. Alternatively, after one month, you can upgrade to an annual or lifetime program to save cost. Or If our service doesn’t meet your expectations, you can easily cancel the monthly plan. Annual Plan ($1199 per year): Description: The annual plan offers the same comprehensive service as the monthly plan but with a discounted rate for those who are committed to a longer-term subscription. Benefits: Full access to all educational resources. Ongoing support and community engagement. Ideal for those who prefer a longer commitment. Lifetime Access Plan ($3499 One Time Cost): Description: With our lifetime access plan, members gain unlimited access to our resources, courses, and community features for a one-time payment. This plan is ideal for those seeking a lifetime commitment to improving their trading skills. Benefits: No expiration date—learn at your own pace. Stay updated with any future course additions. Join our community of lifetime learners. Personalized Mentorship Plan ($4999 One Time Cost): Description: For traders seeking personalized guidance, our One-on-One Mentorship Plan offers direct access to an experienced mentor. For those who desire personalized guidance and mentorship, we offer a one-to-one mentorship program. This includes all the benefits of our other plans, along with personalized coaching sessions tailored to the individual's needs. Benefits: Customized coaching tailored to your specific needs. One on One mentorship session. Accelerate your trading skills with personalized attention. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need assistance!
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