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Understanding Supply-Demand Dynamics in Trading - Market Surgeon Insights

The most interactive learning experience.

An investment in education always pays the highest returns. We believe in hands on experience, Market Surgeon's mentorship program provides you an opportunity to learn an edge in real time. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a senior trader, MS Mentorship program has nuggets of wisdom for everyone, which you can utilize to fill the gaps and become an independent trader. 

Market Surgeon - Your Ultimate Resource for Trading Success
Futures Trading Trends - Stay Informed with Market Surgeon

Mastering the market moves with precision.

At Market Surgeon, we believe in transparency, flexibility and providing equal opportunities for all our members to succeed in their trading journey. Regardless of the pricing plan you choose, you’ll receive full access to all course material and will receive the same high-quality education and support.

Advanced Technical Analysis Tools - Enhance Your Trading Skills

Benefits of our training.

Following benefits apply to all plans, with pricing variations to suit your needs and affordability

Connect with fellow traders, share insights, and stay updated on market trends in an exclusive Discord community.

Get personalized guidance, ask questions, and receive real-time feedback from an experienced mentor (MS)

Learn to Identify and Correctly Chart Supply & Demand Zones

Understand key indicators that signal trend shifts and learn effective target-setting techniques

Advanced Technical Analysis Tools - Enhance Your Trading Skills

Stay up-to-date with evolving strategies and market insights through a comprehensive video library

Uncover the tactics used by market makers and learn how to navigate their influence

​Discover how to recognize weak zones and understand why prices may not maintain key levels or zones

Enhance your risk management by recognizing potential failures of supply and demand zone

MS Mentorship Plans.

Following benefits apply to all plans, with pricing variations to suit your needs and affordability

  • MS Edge Full Access (Monthly)

    Every month
    Our Monthly Plan is designed for those who want to explore our edge without a long-term commitment.
    • Access to all course materials
    • Opportunity to learn our trading strategies and techniques
    • Engage with other traders in our active Discord community
    • Directly ask questions from Market Surgeon.
  • Saves 33% compared to Monthly

    MS Edge Full Access (Annual)

    Every year
    Same comprehensive service at a discounted rate for longer-term commitment.
    • Full access to all educational resources
    • Ongoing support and community engagement.
    • Ideal for those who prefer a longer commitment.
  • MS Edge Full Access (Lifetime)

    Unlimited resources and community for one-time payment. Ideal for lifelong skill improvement.
    • No expiration date—learn at your own pace.
    • Stay updated with any future course additions.
    • Join our community of lifetime learners.
  • MS Edge One to One Mentorship

    Direct access to experienced mentor, tailored coaching sessions, and all plan benefits.
    • Customized coaching tailored to your specific needs
    • One on One mentorship session
    • Accelerate your trading skills with personalized attention

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need assistance!

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